We Sell The Best EZ Horse Washer Wash Wand

Water Rake Deep Cleaning Rinsing System

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Now, Get The New 2018 Model

  • The Wash Wand EZ Spray tube section is schedule 80 (double thick) UV resistant, shatter proof  PVC. It wont get brittle from the sun
  • 12 inches of spray pattern
  • On / Off control on washer handle will lock in the on position for ease use
  • Power adjustment on the washer handle
  • Sprays in a straight line not a circular spray pattern
  • Deep cleaning and rinsing
  • Fits on any garden hose
  • Rakes the soap off the hair all the way down to the skin in one clean sweep
  • This washer is not curved so it keeps its 12 inch spray pattern no matter what distance you are from your horse. The curved washers spray to one focused point about a foot from the washer reducing their efficiency dramatically.
  • Only $20.00


    Hi, my name is Jessica and this is my Quarter Horse Fargo. I may not be an adult, but I understand how important it is to take good care of your horse. I designed and built this horse washer because I got so tired of the cheap sprayers I had breaking so easily or worse yet not washing all the soap out of my horse's hair.

    This sprayer is built to spray more powerfully and in a straight line so it pushes the soap all along the horses body and right off the end. It rinses all the way down to the skin. No left over soap and dry itchy skin.

I hope your horse will enjoy it as much as mine.

Thanks for looking.


Similar to the Power Water Rake or EZ Wash Wand but built to last and has a much more powerful spray.  


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